Executive Editor's Letter: A Leaner, but not Meaner, Magenta

Christian Marclay: The Clock (2010): Single channel video, duration: 24 hours. Courtesy the artist, White Cube (London) and Paula Cooper Gallery (New York).Christian Marclay: The Clock (2010): Single channel video, duration: 24 hours. Courtesy the artist, White Cube (London) and Paula Cooper Gallery (New York).Hello, readers! Thank you for checking out the Fall 2012 issue of Magenta, which officially marks the completion of three successful years of publication! In my last letter, I said that there were going to be some changes in the content of this issue, and there are. These few changes were made to help focus our limited human and financial resources on the sections of the magazine that you visit most frequently.

First, we are no longer compiling exhibition listings. When we looked at the number of visits to different sections of the website, we found that the Editor’s Picks section, which contained the exhibition listings, was the least-viewed section, with visits peaking early in the life of each issue, and then dropping off as the contents became out-of-date. Plus, we know that there are many other print and online publications that continually make this information available. (If you want a gallery presence in the magazine, though, contact us about taking an ad space. Our rates are very reasonable, and you’ll be reaching a continually growing number of readers from around the world.)

Second, we felt it was time to refresh the Five Notes section. Many wonderful contributors have shared some of their favourite things through the Five Notes lists, but it was time for something new. The Five Notes section has been replaced with a new column called Parting Shot. In it, contributors will be asked to briefly share their impressions and reactions to current exhibitions or specific artworks in a style that is more conversational than critical. I start off this new section with my thoughts on sitting through six hours of Christian Marclay’s The Clock, which is on view at The Power Plant here in Toronto until mid-November.

What about the content that was in these now-departed sections? All of the articles that were in Editor’s Picks, including interviews with Aleksandra Mir and Douglas Coupland, and the Five Notes can still be found by using the new Past Issues link that we've added to the navigation bar at the top of the page. Here, you will find the contents of all the previous issues of the magazine gathered together and organized per issue.

The most-visited sections of Magenta are the portfolios of artists’ work, the exhibition reviews and the feature articles, so these are the sections in which we'll be focusing our energies. For example, in the next issue, we’ll be adding a third artist portfolio.

About this issue

Over the last couple of months, in preparation for this “Art and Text” issue, I had the great pleasure of speaking and corresponding with three incredible artists: the internationally exhibited American artist Kay Rosen, and Laurel Woodcock and Agata Ostrowska, two Toronto-based artists who are certainly making a mark. These artists all work with text and language in visually gripping, innovative and completely different ways, illustrating how wide-ranging text-based work is. Montreal-based writer Saelan Twerdy contributes an interview with the curators of an eye-opening survey of text-based art, Postscript, currently showing at the MCA Denver until February, and scheduled to appear at The Power Plant in June 2013. This exhibition brings together work by an international roster of artists, including one of this issue's interview subjects, Kay Rosen, as well as Carl Andre, Glenn Ligon, Fiona Banner, Ryan Gander, Marcel Broodthaers, Kenneth Goldsmith, James Hoff, Sol LeWitt, Jonathan Monk, Dan Graham and Andy Warhol. Among the  Canadians featured in Postscript are Gareth Long, Christian Bok, Michelle Gay and Michael Maranda.

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy this new issue, and wish you a terrific fall and winter. We’ll see you again in March 2013 with our first issue fully devoted to photography.

Thoughts on this issue? Please share them with us at info@magentafoundation.org

Bill Clarke

Executive Editor, Magenta Magazine Online